University of Ignoramuses

Logo Universität der Ignorantinnen mit angebissenem Apfel

To give more space to utopias and to the discussions surrounding the epistemic dimension of our praxis, maiz decided to found the University of Ignoramuses. The starting point of our university is the realization that everyone is ignorant, as long as bodies of knowledge are possessed and knowledge continues to be produced without a critical reflection of the power dimension and the violent processes of legitimization and de-legitimization of knowledge and without implementing the resulting consequences in praxis. Our utopia is the collaborative production of contra- hegemonic knowledge. In order to organize and continually further this attempt, it is absolutely necessary to consider violent ignorance (permitted ignorance) as well as the concept of reciprocal learning/teaching (nobody is "tabula rasa"). With our work in and at the university, we want to inscribe our doing in the tradition of other struggles that attempt to minimize the distance between intellectual work and political activism, theory and praxis, and to produce knowledge in order to "change the world! We are going off. With our many questions. Walking, we will find one or two answers and more questions. The answers we find because we are walking" (Zapatistas).

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2014 - 2020