maiz youth

Working with young migrants is an important issue. We have therefore decided to build up a special area for this work, in which there are opportunities beyond the educational possibilities to discuss and critically reflect on politics. We support the development of strategies in the sense of knowledge networking and production. In the field of youth, young migrants are joining together and implementing various projects with the support of maiz. They critically deal with their situation as young migrants in Austria, look for ways and develop new possibilities and strategies to participate actively in the political and social life in Linz.

We will create collective processes in which action options and possibilities for intervention are designed and implemented. You have an opportunity to articulate your concerns publicly, in your words, creatively and critically. Topics such as exclusion, isolation, racism, sexism, identity, awareness, recognition play an important are discussed again and again . You have the possibilty to acquire know-how in the media and experiment with it. You may make newspapers (eg the youth magazine: maizOne), design TV and radio broadcasts (dorf_tv, radio FRO), design exhibitions (eg maizensgalerie von maiz), write and perform theater plays (eg according to the method of the Forumtheater by Augusto Boal ).